About RMD
by Ross Mackert

I don’t recall a time when I have not wanted to make things, probably beginning with my grandfather making toys for me in his basement shop.

I fell in love Cars and Airplanes early on as well, being drawn to both the science of the machine as well as the beauty of their packaging; Form that spoke of purpose.

The Art side took over after High school, and I studied sculpture and design for several years at the Columbus College of Art and Design before moving to Lawrence Kansas to pursue more disciplined study in product design. I graduated from the University of Kansas with an Industrial Design degree in 1994, and I worked as a product designer with consultancies in the Minneapolis area before I began on my own in 2004. I started doing fabrication work for other independent designers in the area, taking the opportunity to move back toward hands on work, and ramping up in both skills and equipment.

And so I present myself to you here with the goal of designing for production and fabricating by hand, durable goods of form and purpose.

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